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Formatting Text in Google+

When writing message, some time you want to mark or highlight some words or sentences in you message body by keeping them in bold text format.

G+ Formatting Text

Google+ allows you to bold, strikeout, or italicize text within your new post or older posts. Don’t worry because G+ have features to allow us to edit older post.

Create new post or navigate your older post by click “j” or “k”   on the G+ stream to edit your message with some popular text format by enclosing the text in some special characters. Here is in details:

  • Bold: Write anything between *.
  • Italics Write: anything between _.
  • Strikethrough: Write anything between .

NOTE: You can also apply more than one formatting to a text for example if you will write like this: *-_Hariadi.Org_-*  and become like this Hariadi.Org

Formatting text in G+

Don’t forget to Hariadi.Org in your circles. Thanks!.

Android Google+ (Google Plus) APK

Gua cari dekat Market tapi tak jumpa. Region dekat Malaysia tak available lagi. Jadi gua extract dari emulator Galaxy Tab dan upload ke MediaFire. Gua dah test orait je.

Muat turun G+: http://www.mediafire.com/?y6vew73gd2oj1fy (com.google.android.apps.plus.apk, 2.8M)


Atau boleh dapatkan terus dari XDA Developer: http://www.xda-developers.com/android/google-android-app-for-non-us-members/

Preview G+ application on X10i

Peh, boleh tahan juga UI WordPress sekarang ni.