Formatting Text in Google+

When writing message, some time you want to mark or highlight some words or sentences in you message body by keeping them in bold text format.

G+ Formatting Text

Google+ allows you to bold, strikeout, or italicize text within your new post or older posts. Don’t worry because G+ have features to allow us to edit older post.

Create new post or navigate your older post by click “j” or “k”   on the G+ stream to edit your message with some popular text format by enclosing the text in some special characters. Here is in details:

  • Bold: Write anything between *.
  • Italics Write: anything between _.
  • Strikethrough: Write anything between .

NOTE: You can also apply more than one formatting to a text for example if you will write like this: *-_Hariadi.Org_-*  and become like this Hariadi.Org

Formatting text in G+

Don’t forget to Hariadi.Org in your circles. Thanks!.

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