Manually download of Android SDK Tools and SDK Platform-tools

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New page for Android SDK Viewer. This page allows you to browse and download Android SDK component. Give it star and contribution welcome!

Manually download of Android SDK Tools and SDK Platform-tools
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30 thoughts on “Manually download of Android SDK Tools and SDK Platform-tools”

  1. I downloaded it but in game maker studio it shos platform sdk 3.2 api 13 missing.plz can u post here platform sdk 3.2 api 13.plzzzzz….

  2. hi, i changed the resolution of my rooted gti5510 from 400 to 800.. now the armv6 processor is not processing the screen.. therefor im not able to factory reset it too.. its bricked.. can adb do any thing to get it back in working condition/ factory reset.. if yes then please guide how to do it.. as i showed it to samsung cc.. and they said its the slider/ hardware problem.. and i know that its not.. please please help me if there’s a solution mail me asap please…

  3. hi, the previous link you mentioned above for google api did not work. will you please give me a link where I can get the google api.

  4. why’s the folder add-ons and platforms, at default are always empty..
    Both in r19 and r18.. Is that normal ??
    Coz everytime I start eclipse, I keep getting this notification:
    “SDK Platform Tools component is missing”

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