ADT 17 Preview Installation

Eclipse ADT plug-in revision 17 (ADT 17) have made a lot of improvements to the dependency management of Android projects like DDMS, ProGuard, Lint and other important bug fixes (More Info).


  • ADT 17 requires Java 1.6 or higher (and Eclipse 3.6.2 or higher.).
  • Eclipse 4.x has some known issues with the Android support; 3.6.2 or 3.7.1 is recommend .


and one of the following depending on whether you are developing on Windows, Linux or Mac OSX:



If you have already installed preview1, preview2 or preview3, you do not need to update platform-tools again; they are unchanged from preview1 to preview4.


ADT 17 depends on changes in the tools and platform-tools components as well, so to use the preview you will need to update all 3 (tools, platform-tools and the ADT plugin).

Close Eclipse and go to your Android SDK root directory (where you have existing tools/ and platform-tools/ folders), and copy or move the existing directories out of the way. (Don’t just delete them. This is a preview release, so it’s possible for the new versions to have bugs and you may want to be able to go back).

  1. Rename tools/ and platform-tools/ folder
    Rename and Extract ADT 17 preview
  2. Extract and to Android SDK root directory
  3. Start Eclipse and go to Help > Install New Software... Click Add. In Add Repository window enter “ADT 17” to the Name field and click Archive then pointing to the directory where you unzipped¬†¬†and following the on-screen instructions.
    ADT Installation
  4. Restart Eclipse.

Known Issues

If you sometimes get Installation error: INSTALL_FAILED_INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE and want to increase the memory capacity of Android emulator, in Eclipse, go to “Debug Configurations“. You can find that in the drop-down under the “debug” icon. Select “target”, and select a preferred emulator target to launch. Then under “additional emulator command line options,” add this:

-partition-size 1024

Close the emulator (and remove any devices), and click the debug icon, which will launch the preferred emulator you selected. This is important: Eclipse needs to launch the debugger, not AVD.

More Info:

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