Hariadi Hinta: From Kunak, only few kilometers from Lahad Datu, Sabah.

I currently live in Cyberjaya, Malaysia and work as Back-end web developer for a Public Service Department of Malaysia. I write WordPress plugins and offer web development and WordPress related services on the side since 2006.

Content on this site is my own and is not related to my employer

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Hariadi.Org started out life in February 2002 as an informal way for me to collate the random bits and pieces that I find as I browse the net. Gradually, it’s transformed itself into becoming both a showcase site as well as a place for me to add my voice to the web.

Initially, the domain was supposed to be hariadi.net. For some technical problem, in March 2008, domain change to Hariadi.org.

I’ve learned and tried to master languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, and much more. I’ve also worked with many of the popular CMS (content-management systems) such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.


Hariadi.org is copyright© by Hariadi Hinta, with all rights reserved. You may not use any material, images, photos or content from this site without expressed written permission. All comments belong to their authors, and Hariadi.Org assumes no responsiblity for their words. I do, however, reserve the right to remove any comments deemed unacceptable, distasteful or offensive.

p/s: Kalau lu nak salin, salin je la. Hidup ni berani dengan tak berani je..

AZAM 2011

  • Pergi solat Hari Raya.
  • Plan berhenti merokok

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  1. gentle orangnya..walaubagaimanapun masih lagi ada hutang yang belum dilunaskan…ahahahahhaa

  2. Dan dia suke mkn nasi goreng daging burger kat kedai abg Anip.. Selalu kalah main futsal… rambut dia mcm ombak di lalutan…. hahahahahaha WHAT THE……….

  3. Dia selalu kalah ngan pspiritz(Manchester United)… Dia selalu makan Nasi putih ayam goreng kunyit or paprik ayam ngan teh’o’… kedekutnya dia… jangan kawen ngan dia…. dia rendah… tak cukup tinggi…. whahahaha… sebenarnya site dia http://www.hariadi.net tapi dia terlupa nak bayar duit domain… terus kena block… padan muker dia… nangis satu hari…. :p

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